The certificate is valid for unlimited use. But we recommend to renew it at least once a year as the date is also shown on the certificate and in one year a lot will change.
The topics of data protection and data security have never been so relevant. All data is safe and processed trough servers based in Germany. TALOOB places the greatest value in security. Data protection is verified repeatedly through independent audits.
We put all our knowledge together from what weve learned in Research, Science and Leaderhip positions we held in our careers. We translated that knowledge into 50 questions that have all a different weight according to what is relevant in our modern work world. But most importanty is that leaders now know where to improve and whats already great.
You can participate as often as you want and feel. Many of our customers use this survey once a year to update the score in the professional networks or when they want to switch employers.
You need at least a feedback ratio of 10% of the participants for a reliable data basis.
As a leader you can only send the survey to your employees. As an employee you can only send the survey to your managers.
Every certificate has a unique serial number that is linked to the name of the participant. You can check whether there is a match or not on our website by entering the serial number and last name. We ask all participants to confirm that they are the employees of the manager who initiated the survey. We also put the number of employees and the ratio of participation on the certificate. We follow up on every request from people who doubt that the certificate is incorrect.
You are in charge to clarify this individually with your company. Usually the companies appreciate your motivation to develp yourself. Before you send the survey we kindly ask you to confirm that you are allowed to do so.
There is no minimum requirement of employees. As a leader you usually have at least 5 employees.
On the certificate there is the following: Number of employees, number of participants that finished the survey, Your overall score, the score of the categories, your personal data.
Reach us via email
No this survey can only be filled out once.
The survey is 100% anonymus and fully confidential. No-one at your company, nor indivuduals will ever get access to raw data or individual responses. TALOOB also does not store the answers from single
The link of your survey cannot be forwarded to any other person in order to take part.
Every certificate has a unique serial number that is linked to the name of the participant. You can check whether there is a match or not on our website.
We offer 2 surveys only. One for leaders and one for employees. All surveys are the same in each country, industry and level. We believe that every person on earth deserve great leadership no matter which differences there are across countries. For Leaders there are different pricing models that range from 50-500€ per survey. For employees a survey costs currently 3€.
Currently there is no printed version of the certificate.
There are around 50 questions in 20 categories with different weight that can be answered in 15 minutes.
There is one survey for Leaders and one for employees
No, in order to guarantee that the survey is anonymous you cannot send the survey yourself.
Our survey service can be bought with credit card only
We are using Stripe as payment provider.
Currently we offer the following languages: English, German and French


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