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At Taloob we fundamentally believe that modern leadership should be defined by employees. Leaders do regular reviews for their employees but you rarely see feedback going the other way around. Taloobs’s mission is to change that.
There is a correlation between employees happiness and a company’s success. Great leaders know the value of happy employees who are empowered, feel important, and have a sense of purpose.


We've brought together experts in E-commerce, technology, data science and organizational experts to ensure they get the clarity they need around employees engagement. Our customers are are coming from the most innovative companies

Carmen Beissner, Founder

15 Years of international Leadership Experience
Carmen brings more than 15 years international business experience building and leading world-class Global Operations within the online industry. She served as part of the Executive Leadership Teams & as Global Director of Operations and Customer Care in international companies. Carmen won several national and international industry awards, inventing innovations for Customer Service. TALOOB sets out to bring leadership assessment to the work environments of the 21st century.

Prof. Dr. Christian von Scheve

Professor for Sociology in Berlin
Christian is a Professor of Sociology in Berlin with a background in the sociology of culture, work and organization. As a social scientist, he is interested in the ways in which culture and society shape people’s thoughts and feelings and in how this affects their social interactions. Specifically, his research is concerned with different forms of emotion management and emotional labor and he investigates how emotions sustain and transform patterns of social organization. This also informs his work in two other fields, Economic Sociology and Science and Technology Studies.

Dr. Yann Girard

Expert in behavioral and network economics as well as data analytics
Expert in behavioral and network economics as well as data analytics Yann is an economist and manager at an economic consultancy firm. Prior to this position, he worked at the German Competition Authority as a case handler and at Scout24 - responsible for sales analytics and the incentive system design. He received a PhD from the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main and holds a Master degree in Economics from the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz as well as a Master in Business Administration from the Colorado State University Pueblo, USA.

Manuel Beissner, Product Development

10 Years of building mass market SaaS products
Manuel is the product manager at STRATO responsible for the online storage products for United Internet, gathering and promoting the most relevant ideas into features, planning and prioritizing to get the product teams deliver a complete customer experience

We are a team of professionals in the internet industries and the social sciences, natives to technology-driven work environments in global contexts. We are bringing together profound knowledge rooted in decades of professional experience in different fields. Our team members have expertise in international Leadership, behavioral and network economics, data analytics and econometrics, a scientific background in the sociology of culture, work and organization, and substantial experience in the technology sector, building mass market SaaS products. We combine our experience to better understand the social relations that make-up work-life, how these relations can be improved for both, leaders and employees, and how these relations generate revenue. We are people understanding people


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